Welcome to tinyFACES, a blog much more complex than it appears.
You might have some questions. And we might have some answers:

Q: “What is the blog tinyFACES about?”
A: tinyFACES is about:
a) A visual stab or salute to people across the globe
b) an incredible pairing of creative thought and masterful retouching
c) 2 kids from Brooklyn wanting to make people laugh
d) faces which are larger than one would think is natural
e) all of the above

Q: “Can I submit my own tinyFACE?”
A: Only if you’re up to the challenge of:
a) Making your tinyFACE image 500 pixels wide
b) e-mailing your submission to tinyFACES@gmail.com
c) Meeting tinyFACES high standard of photoshop excellence
d) Staring satire directly in the eyes, then reducing its face
e) all of the above

Q: “How can I contact the stunning geniuses behind tinyFACES?”
A: You can contact the handsome brain-trust behind tinyFACES:
a) email: tinyFACES@gmail.com
b) twitter: @tinyFACESblog
c) carrier pigeon: “tinyFACES HQ, Brooklyn NY!”


About nicely built

I am nicely built in all ways possible

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