Michael Jackson

You went to the web to laugh, girl
Over memes you never, never knew before

(tinyFACES rule and all the others drool)
(And why pinchin’ images just don’t score)

Now now now, I’m gonna teach you
(tinyFACES teach you, teach you)
all about memes, girl.

See, overdramatic chipmunk
is just 1 branch of the meme tree
But without tinyFACES every single day
Your education ain’t complete

t-t-tinyFACES’s gonna show you
(Show you, show you)
How to get an A!

tinyFACES, baby! (ooh-ooh!)
tinyFACES, baby! (ooh-ooh)
Listen to me baby, that’s all you gotta do!

click for more tinyFACES, girl!
I think I love ya!


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I am nicely built in all ways possible

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